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Working From Home? Best Time To Recover From A Hair Transplant In Manchester

Posted by Gro UK on Oct 14, 2020 6:48:36 PM

Gro working from home minWith the current global health crisis still evolving, many people in the UK are still working from home. If you have ever looked into a solution for your hair loss or a hair transplant in Manchester, this time could present you with a special opportunity.

A major reason that many people delay their UK hair transplant surgery is the need to take time off work, using a week of your precious holiday leave.

If you are working from home, this is the opportunity of a lifetime to go after your hair dreams. 

If we have learnt one thing from the current health situation in the UK, it is that we can't control or predict things like this. However, hair loss is something you can control. Many people see correcting hair loss as a luxury, but if your hair loss affects your confidence, or the way you feel about yourself, then it could be a need.


How Gro Can Make Your Hair Dreams Come True


Now is the perfect time to take the opportunity of working from home to re-grow your own hair. A hair transplant in Manchester using the refined Microsurgery technique is typically a one-day procedure in clinic followed by up to one-week of recovery at home.

We have patients who were booked in to have their hair restoration procedure done during their Christmas 2020 break, but have moved the procedure forward to now (rather than using their Christmas holidays), so they can recover in the comfort and privacy of their own home, whilst working, and they have the benefit of having a full head of hair by Christmas! (Please note that full results can take up to 12 months.)

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To see an example of how a patient recovers from hair transplant using refined our Microsurgery technique, you can watch Marc’s recovery and progress videos by clicking here:

Mark recovery

*Please note that results may vary from patient to patient.


Safety First

We pride ourselves on our exceptional safety standards. Our doctors and medical team wear protective masks, gloves and clothing that you would expect to see in a hospital. You will be required to change into a medical gown before your procedure. Equipment is sterilised and the clinic is sanitised. 

Staff and patient health and safety is of paramount importance. We have limited the number of patients allowed in the clinic at any one time to a maximum of two. Every person, including staff and clients, are temperature checked prior to entering the clinic. Any person with flu like symptoms or fever, is not allowed in.

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To watch Nick's journey, click here:

Nick's progress updates*Please note that results may vary from patient to patient.


Getting To & From The Clinic

We understand that getting to and from the clinic safely is something that needs to be considered as you cannot drive yourself home after the procedure. To keep all our patients safe during the current health crisis, we will give every patient a mask to wear on their journey home. Sanitise and wash your hands appropriately.

To watch Marc's journey, click here:

Marc Video*Please note that results may vary from patient to patient.

Next steps

If you haven’t yet had a consultation with a hair growth specialist, you can book an online video consultation, or call us on 0161 839 3769.

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If you have already had an initial consultation, now is the perfect time to book your life-changing microsurgery procedure. Call 0161 839 3769 to book.


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