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Hair Transplant Techniques - FUT vs FUE vs Gro Microsurgery

Posted by Gro UK on Sep 9, 2021 3:41:57 PM

Since the first hair transplant in the 1950’s there have been many advances in technology, training and hair transplant techniques. For someone who is looking for a solution for their hair loss, it can be hard to understand what technique or method could suit their needs. The trade-offs between different hair restoration techniques are cost, time, recovery and natural looking results. 

While many hair restoration techniques have been created to reduce the cost of a procedure, or reduce the surgery time of a doctor, there has not been a technique in the UK that focuses on what is the best outcome for the patient until Gro's microsurgery hair transplant, also known as direct implantation. If you would like personalised information and a comparison based on your hair loss, book a free consultation with Gro in Manchester or call on 0161 839 3769 to ask a question or organise a no obligation consultation in-clinic.

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Marc's 12 months hair transplant result

Posted by Gro UK on Jan 18, 2021 9:18:10 AM

“100% epic-ness” is how Marc describes his new hair after his Gro microsurgery hair transplant and we think that describes it perfectly! Wow the last 12 months has gone fast, but it has been a year since we first met charismatic Marc, who is now 34 years young. We have loved watching his hair restoration journey in the videos he has recorded and seeing the transformation and the fun he has had with it.

More and more men in their thirties are turning to Gro microsurgery for a permanent solution to hair loss. Gro microsurgery hair transplant can achieve life-changing, 100% natural results. Check out Marc’s hair transplant before and afters, and his journey over the past year.

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Topics: Hair Transplant Before & After, Hair transplant Manchester

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